Weekly Sales Flyer

*****Not all store items are listed

Prices good until 3/6/2021


Pork Chop Special

5lbs. of Bone-in Pork Chops for $20

Prices good until 3/6/2021


Farmer's Dinner Box

1 pack of Fajita Strips

2 packs of Chicken Leg Quarters

2 packs of Boneless Pork Chops

1 pack of Grillers (sweet or spicy)


Prices good until 3/6/2021


Bulk Sausage Special 

20lbs. of sausage* for $80.

**Loose Sweet and Spicy Italian, Loose and link Breakfast, Pork Brats, Spicy Pork Brats

Prices good until 3/6/2021


1652 Hourglass Rd.

Hartly, DE 19953


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