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Family-Owned Business

Here at Bodine Farms we are a First Generation Farm that prides ourselves in providing the best quality products that we can offer. Our journey started out on a small homestead on the west side of Dover in 2008 and has since grown with our community to what we are today.  Our animals are 100% humanely raised and their health is our top priority. We offer a wide range of USDA certified meat cuts from beef, pork, and chicken.




Our cows have 100% access to  hay year-round. Our hay is planted specifically for livestock grazing with multiple types of forage to offer a more balanced diet. Our cows also have access to chopped corn silage and grains such as beans, corn kernels, soybeans along with vitamins and minerals.  Our beef is typically aged at least 10 days prior to custom cutting and packaging by a USDA inspected facility.  Our cattle are NEVER fed any hormones. Although it is very rare here on the farm, antibiotics are only used when deemed necessary for the health and wellbeing of our animals and all precautions and withdrawal periods are strictly followed. 



Our pigs have 100% access to pasture and hay as well. They also have access to grains such as beans, corn kernels, soybeans and soybean meal along with vitamins and minerals.  We keep and maintain different breeds of hogs which include Hampshire and Blue Butt crosses, Landrace and Duroc. Along with heritage breeds such as Mulefoot, Tamworth, Hereford and Red Wattle. Each have traits that compliment each other. Our hogs are grown specifically for quality and flavor. The breeds we harvest provide a well marbled, extremely tasteful meat. 

 We like to think that the rich and succulent flavor to our products are greatly related to the access to good clean feed and water paired with the animals ability to move around. The stress free environment we create allows the animals to be what they are and in doing so the meat that we get to enjoy and share with our customers is second to none. We believe in responsible agriculture and we do our best to maintain our lands and our herds in such a way that it helps build our future, not take from it.  Data has shown that we are positively improving our organic materials across our lands and it's something we are still working on but are proud of.

Our poultry houses were built to the highest standards for the conservation available. Our farm was designed with swales that direct storm water to sediment ponds for storage and filtration. These areas also provide habitat for wildlife and have been stocked with different breeds of fish. Trees, bushes and flowers fill the surroundings as well. 


Recently we have been able to co-op with other local family farms to help fill the demand of local products.  Our family members make in-season canned items from recipes that date back 100 years. We also have a supply of fresh local honey that is amazing. All of our livestock are cut and packaged by USDA approved facilities and labeled under our brand. We ARE the farmers!  Visit us Today!



Our chickens for meat production are contracted with a local integrator and are never fed any hormones or steroids.

As farmers we provide the best care to the chickens as we can. All of our chickens are raised in poultry houses commonly seen across Delmarva. Our houses are equipped with windows for natural light as well as perches for birds to roost.  We have several different USDA inspected cuts available.  

Our chickens for egg production are raised outside where they get to enjoy grasses as well as their grains. They are all cage free and are never fed hormones or steroids. 

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